I am 38 weeks pregnant with suspected vaginal infection?


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I went to hospital yesturday as i thought my waters broke as this fluid was clear and it filled a pantyliner. Anyway i was given an internal and i have suspected infection i have had swaps e.t.c but can the baby be blocking a leak? as i am still leaking this clear fluid the results from the swap is goin to my doctor. I thought vaginal infections were smelly and lumpy and different colours green e.t.c plus i am in early labour anyway thank you all
Sorry they said the membranes feel intact!! but what i want to know can the baby being blocking the rip/tear e.t.c and the midwives not know?
I have been to hosptial yesturday i was told to look for fever,chills, nausea and any different colour leakage and contractions as i am in very early labour

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  1. Only your doctor can answer this. If something is clearly wrong, call an ambulance. Better safe than sorry.

  2. well they most likely did do a swap to check if your water has really broke or not, did they tell you?
    but yes it is common to have infections during pregnancy too.
    but i dont think it should be a leak thing of kind, it should be more of a discharge…
    it could of been your mucus plug that came out too, mine was clear jelly looking gross thing lol.
    i think you should go to the hospital again and be firm with them

  3. I had my waters break 3 days before i was induced to go into labour with my 3rd child. I had a tiny bit of water leaking n was not sure if it was actually my waters, the doc did a test and it was indeed my waters broken. With my 1st my waters broke and i "knew" cos it soaked right through my matrise!
    With my 3rd child the waters were broken up under my ribs where the babys feet where, if it breaks there it can slowely come out, and i was unsure what it actually was (pee!, or discharge, broken waters)!!! I felt over the next couple of days the babys head go really low in my pubic area and it was very uncomfortable (I thought it may drop out, kind of feeling, lol), N i had contractions very irregularly. I was induced by drip, then at about 4cm dialated they broke my waters, yes, even though they were already broken, they broke them near the babys head, n heaps of water came out, like heaps, like with my 1st child.
    I think you should be asking your doc a lot more questions about what is going on for you. Dont hesitate to ring them they are there to help you, people here only can tell you there experiences, or chat with you. But you really need your doc in this situation, best of luck

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