i am 13 years old. i have had vaginal discharge for about a year but i don't have my period. is this normal?


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  • im 12 years old and have a vaginal infection
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16 Responses to i am 13 years old. i have had vaginal discharge for about a year but i don't have my period. is this normal?

  1. huhwhereiami says:

    sweetie you should see a doctor. Just tell your mom and she will be certain that you do. You need to know what the discharge is coming from it could be nothing bad but its good to know what it is so you can relax

  2. ioana m says:

    you need to see a doctor love because that doesn't sounds right

  3. star_bright083 says:

    i would definately see a doc. it may not be anything big but then again it may be

  4. xiansmom says:

    It maybe normal, but it is always a good idea to talk to a doctor about it.

  5. ashlie says:

    as long as you have never had sex it is just your body getting ready for your period and completely normal

  6. alexia r says:

    yes.its heallthy.

  7. kutiepie says:

    ya probly i wuz feeling weird b4 i got mi period im around ur age ur probly gonna get it soon talk 2 ur mom about it!

  8. ask things says:

    Do u mean u didnt get ur per..even 4 the 1st time? Well Ihavent got mine.either..Its normal.It may go on for years!It will get a little bit watery & continuous if u'r close 2 u'r periods.Good Luck!

  9. hellokitty975@sbcglobal.net says:

    i think you should go to the doctors and ask about this question ,

  10. babynam2 says:

    it is mainly normal but u should see wat ur dr. says cause some say different things than others!!

  11. sexy_vet4u says:

    Yes, i had problems with that to. it is very normal, you probably wont have your period normally until you hit 16 or 17. that's what happened to me. so don't worry about anything……..no worries.

  12. Laura M says:

    Don't Listen to these people, Don't go to the doctor. Vaginal Discharge is completly normal I've had it since i was 10. But I never got my period till i was 13, your age. Thats a sign of it starting soon. I recommend preparing yourself by bringing pads/tampons with you and maybe extra clothes just in case.
    Good Luck sugar:)

  13. lucky says:

    see your doctor , let your mom know .

  14. slb_angel_2005 says:

    if it has like little soft pieces in it and it is somethime white or light yellow then it could b a yeast infection go to the closest drug store and get the over the counter med for it (some is a pill and some is a cream that u have to put inside of ur vigina(it come with a thing to inject it) neither one hurts u) if that dont work then go c a dr. also tell ur mom she could probley help u with it

  15. Finane K says:

    Its normal. Dont be scared.

  16. I LOVE HIM! says:

    Dont worry about it! Im 13 years old 2 and Ive also had vaginal discharge but a year but no period but i got my 1st period yeasterday and im about 2 turn 14 so just relax ull get ur period soon too but u dont need to see a doctor!
    Hope this helps,
    any comments e-mail me at

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