Hydrogen Peroxide douche to cure bacterial vaginosis?


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I have bacterial vaginosis and it keeps coming back. they can’t schedule me for a clinic appointment for two weeks. They give me the metrogel or whatever and the next month I have bv again.

I have been trying everything. I’ve been taking acidophilus pills twice a day which are not seeming to work. I have been looking all over the internet for a natural cure. Right now I’m trying the yogurt with tampon treatment and the douching with hydrogen peroxide treatment. Which is better? I’ve just tried both. Does the peroxide treatment really work? I filled a whole douche bottle up with peroxide and douched with it. Was that too much? If so.. what are the effects? Please Help!
Should I keep doing the peroxide once a day until my regular discharge comes back?

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  1. I dont know much about vaginosis. But I would NOT put the peroxide in your vagina. It’d used to bleach hair!! I say wait, go to the doctors or the walk-in(i dont know if you live in the US, cause in Canada you go to the walk-in)
    Yes. Don’t put that in there though!
    Good luck!!

  2. I know your pain. I’ve had recurrent BV for the past 5 years. I can tell you that acidophilus doesn’t work. I haven’t tried the yogurt because I think that is for yeast infections. Never even thought about the peroxide.

    You really need to get the medicine. I always ask for refills because I get it so much. You can go to an urgent care clinic and get checked and they’ll write you a prescription. That’s what I always end up doing. Then you need to figure out why you keep getting it.

    Assuming you are sexually active…. The doctor can give your boyfriend some pills, because he could be re-infecting you. I’ve noticed that when I have really wild sex, I get it. So make sure your BF washes his hands before putting his fingers in you and don’t let him spit inside of you. (I know, too much info) HTH.

  3. Well I have been Dealing BV since i was 8 years old that’s over 16 years for me. I went to the doctor about 2 month ago in Dec , and they gave me Flagyl, the insert jell. And i thought it was giving me my women hood, that i never got to experince, till i figured out that i was allergic to it… and come to find out more info about it, it only works for a few months and possibly pops back up after sex. till i was on this website, and it said use peroxcide and mix it with water douche. Take Folic acid, and Acidophilis-a Probiotic. Put one Acidophilis into your vagina, that helps restore the HP balance in your Vagina. Douche with peroxcide 2 time a day. I did it last night, and OMG, i couldn’t believe who fast it working. so i 8 years old when it started now i’m 24, and i got my damn women hood. i want to cry because i experience going out in public not worring about are people going to smell me, or going to a friends house with the dogs constently sniffing me though the house. so there you are…. DO IT!!! IT WORKS!!

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