How to use yogurt to treat vaginal infections?


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How do you use plain yogurt to treat a vaginal yeast infection

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  1. YOu should be eating yogart everyday to prevent a yeast infection, and/or clear up the signs of one that is just occuring. But, its more of a prevenative measure.
    Go buy monastat at your local drug store

  2. Eating yogurt will prevent them (but it doesn't have to be plain, flavored works too).

    To treat one with yogurt, you just stick it up there. Or you can freeze it in a tampon applicator, then remove the applicator and you have a little insert to put up there.

    I'm with AJ though….monistat would work better.

  3. eat it, especially plain yoghurt. but see your doctor if you have an infection NOW don't mess around with this type of infection. or you'll be in for worse trouble, believe me

  4. tried it myself and it didn;t work so i had to go get a prescription to get some medicine cream to have it go away..If it works on others that would be great,,,,, lol

  5. eating it will only prevent it, not cure it. To help you can actually dip a tampon into the natural yogourt and insert…for a few hours.

  6. OK I LIVE IN THE SOUTH AND MY DOCTOR ACTUALLY told me to dip a tampon in the yougurt and insert it for two hours or you can use buttermilk as a douche i know it sounds gross but it works it puts these vitamins back into your system faster. but you will have to go to the doc and get a prescrition i personally wouldnt mess with monistat it is so expensive and if you have ins. it should pay for you script

  7. You eat it. The best brand is Stoneyfield (6 cultures in it)

    But your best bet for treating a yeast infection is actually boric acid suppositories. I know it soudns weird. Take a look.

    Very safe, effective and quick.

    "There have been several published reports showing that a 600 mg vaginal suppository provides symptomatic relief in just 24 hours. It usually takes about 10 days of treatment (one 600 mg suppository capsule inserted in the morning and another in the evening) to wipe out the infection. If the problem returns, a repeated course of treatment of two to three days might be needed.

    One study compared boric acid suppositories to the common drug nystatin. Boric acid was far superior, with a 92% cure rate compared to a 64% cure rate with nystatin. "

  8. Two tablespoons of plain yogurt, mixed in a a quart of tepid water as a douche will work for most women. Know your infections, before you treat them. I'd suggest reading Our bodies,Ourselves, check out their web site. it covers tons of information women should know about their bodies and how to take care of it in a holistic and natural way,

  9. you can eat the yogurt or rub it on where the infection is but i find that if i eay a lot of yogurt when taking antiboitcs i dont get the east infection

  10. You place the yogurt in and around the vagina. Can get messy, so easiest to do at night.

    Alternately, place an entire garlic clove inside the vagina – this could burn if you pierce the garlic clove at all, so be careful. Place a new clove in there at bed time for 7 nights and remove each morning.

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