How to put yogurt into my vagina for a yeast infection?


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Hi there, Im a 13 year old female and for the past three months i have been having abnormal discharge. I told my mother and she just thought negatively so yeah.I also have no medical insurance and i think i have a yeast infection because I haven’t had sex with any guy. So i’m curious on how I can put the yogurt in my vagina? since they say its a good remedy for yeast infections.I don’t have tampons. Also how far up does the yogurt have to go and for how long do I leave it there? & How do I wash it later on?
Positive answer’s that help! Thank’s.
I do Have My Period I Have had it for 4 -5 years now

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  1. a yeast infection is more than an abnormal discharge.
    It also makes your whole vaginal area itch and burn and if you don’t have those symptoms as well, you probably do not have a yeast infection.
    For the cost of plain yogurt and a syringe(which is how you do it) you can get a tube of Monistat or a generic form of yeast infection medication over the counter at your local drug store.
    Do you have your period yet?
    If not, that discharge might just be a precursor to your first period.

  2. im not sure that would help, there is an ingredient in yogert called asadopholis thats help to prevent them while your on certine medicines but there is also over the counter yeast infection tests and treatments

  3. swab your vagina with the yogert……put it where you know your vagina is……lay on your back with your butt on pillow…up in the air…..
    slap a gob of it on your privates and just let it go where there is room….
    do this about 4 times a day………..put some on your pad and wear it around

    if you have an enima nozzel…clean it off good and and then stick it in the yogert and then stick the enima nozzel into your vagina and move it in and out to make sure the yogert gets in there
    or get a doushe bulb and fill the bulb with yogert and stick the nozzel into your vagina as far as it will go and squeeze the bu,b and allow the yogerrt to go into your vagina as far as it will go and then stay there…with butt in the air…then swab yourself good and put a pad on
    do this everyday about 4 times

    make sure it
    live cultured yogert-plain

  4. If you have a yeast infection your discharge is likely to be itchy and irritating and perhaps a bit like cottage cheese -with lumpy white bits. It is normal when you enter puberty to start to get increased vaginal secretions, particularly around the middle of your monthly cycle when you are ovulate in. This would be nothing to worry about.

    If however you have got an itchy thick lumpy looking discharge and you have not been in a relationship you should consider wearing only loose cotton underpants and avoiding bubble baths and harsh soaps. It is possible to buy over the counter remedies for Thrush- yeast infections. I don’t know what the U.S. brand names would be but they are quite effective. I have never used yogurt myself for a yeast infection – I bought proprietary brand medicine. It would need to to be natural live yoghurt. It doesn’t kill the yeast infection, it simply tries to restore the correct acid balance to your vagina so that the yeast is killed off. You might be able to use a large syringe or Turkey baster to inject the yoghurt inside you.

    Something that you should consider very seriously if you keep getting yeast infections is being tested for diabetes. If you are also feeling tired, hungry and thirsty a lot of the time, if you are drinking a lot and peeing a lot, if you are losing weight, or if you keep getting boils you must see the doctor, insurance or not, because diabetes is a serious condition.

    I’m hoping that you don’t have a yeast infection, and it is simply one of those changes that happened at puberty.

  5. Let me tell you a sure way of getting rid of an infection like that. I no this works as I have done it for years and wish I had known about it before spending lots of money on the over the counter medicine and then waiting for a few days for it to work. This works very fast and is so cheap.

    Get you some Alka Seltzer original and do follow the directions on the box. Yes I know it is for upset stomach and what have you. But it does work on infections and it does a wonderful and FAST job of it. The way I do it is the first sign of an infection, I take a dose of it and by the time that I urinate the next time most of the infection is gone. I also take a dose before going to bed and then one the next morning. By morning or noon at the latest ALL the infection is gone. If the infection is really bad you may have to do this a second day but for the most part the first day will kill the infection. I know that some folks say that it taste nasty, well it might taste nasty but it is the cheapest and fastest cure for infection that I have done.

    How this helps you out. Oh and I am not pulling your leg on this either. I don’t play around or joke around when it comes to someones health or my health.

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