How long will I have to do apple cider vinegar douche for bacterial vaginosis?


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I found out that I have bacterial vaginosis.I read that douching with apple cider vinegar really helps to heal infection and get rid of that fouls smell. I am learning so many women douche with vinegar or apple cider vinegar. I have to do this to cure this though.
After the bacterial vaginosis goes away with my douching with apple cider vinegar, will I have to douche with apple cider vinegar every month? How often will I have to do vinegar douches? Douching messes up ph though so I'm a little worried. Will I have to keep douching with vinegar and apple cider vinegar every month? Will it affect my fertility?Just like on that episode of Married with Children when Al noticed bottles of vinegar in the bathroom. He asked what are they doing making a salad in there? I have to get rid of this so I will need to douche with the apple vinegar, but will I need to do it every month? How often to douche?I don't want to ruin my ph balance either or ruin my fertility.

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  1. did your doctor tell you to douche. if he/she didnt dont do it. douching is very bad for your vag. it pushes bacteria further up into your vagina and could make your infection worse.

    didnt your doctor give you a prescription for something. just take what ever you doc told you to take and leave your vag alone for a while

  2. if you have been diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis your doctor should have prescribed you a medication to clear up the infection.

    your chances for getting another BV infection will be greater if you douche.

  3. Douching in general is bad for you. Go to a doctor to get medication for the problem and quit douching immediately. You are correct, it does mess up the natural ph and it will only lead to further and more varied infections. The best way to keep yourself clean will be to get the infection cleared up properly w/ antibiotics and wash w/ a gentle unscented soap on the exterior of your vagina. The interior cleans itself naturally and trying to use outside methods like douching will only mess up this process.

    If you don't believe me, talk to your doctor about it.

  4. Oh Hell no, taking a douche is a no no!!!!! girl I will tell you go to your doctor, you are not suppose to douche your body cleans itself and your vagina is not suppose to smell even if you get your period, and if you smell you have an infection. Also douching can give you an infection too, and make you dry as hell.

    Sistar pls change your diet too, start eating yogurt, and if you take medication take it as prescribe because you can also get an infection. JUST GO TO THE DOCTOR




  5. Bacterial Vaginosis is caused by a pH imbalance. RepHresh restores, and maintains the pH level.

  6. Don't do it. Douching is not good and will make the situation worse. Go to a doctor who will prescribe something for you.

  7. BV is treatable with antibiotics prescribed by a health care provider. Two different antibiotics are recommended as treatment for BV: metronidazole or clindamycin. Either can be used with non-pregnant or pregnant women, but the recommended dosages differ. Women with BV who are HIV-positive should receive the same treatment as those who are HIV-negative.

    Google bacterial vaginosis. then look at the CDC link and the wikipedia link(for some reason yahoo would not let me post the links)

    So go see a doctor and get some antibiotics.

  8. You won't ruin your PH. In fact, there is a douche that is made with vinegar. You mix the vinegar with warm water…you don't use it full strength. Get on the internet and do a little research. After the Vaginosis is cleared up, you won't need to douche again with the vinegar. You are actually getting your body back to the correct PH by doing this. It won't hurt your fertility at all.

  9. Actually believe it or not the people that told her not 2 douch is wrong. I have been suffering from BV for 5 years. About 8 months ago I did my research and came across a great book on how to treat BV. You can douch only with natrual remedies that are found in your home. I’m so grateful 4 GOD & christine because they have changed my life drastically. Unfortuanetly u will have to buy the book jus as I did but only 4 a low price. Look up this book this 3 days to permanent bacterial relief. I know it will work 4 u good luck

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