how long does vaginal discharge last?

i've had normal vaginal discharge for about 4 days now and i had my period two weeks ago how long will this last?
thank you but how long will it last at a time?


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3 Responses to how long does vaginal discharge last?

  1. Nascar says:

    Get use to it cause it will last your entire female life. some days it will be heavier then other days, like I mean some days my panties are damp and others there soaked and I have to change them. Try wearing a light days panty liner and change it several time a day to keep your self fresh and your panties fresh.

  2. pandabear says:

    about 50 years get youst to it.

  3. marchen avenger says:

    i dont know but it is usually a little off track 4 the 1irst year

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