How long does it take to Cure Cure Bacterial Vaginosis With Apple Cider Vineger ?


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Can someone please tell me how long it takes to cure a bacterial vaginosis with apple cider vinegar. I also wanted to know how does this happen. I clean down there with different types of soaps could that be a reason why it get irritated.

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  1. If you have bacterial vaginosis, do NOT put vinegar in there. I don’t know who told you that, but you will need to see a medical doctor. I repeat, do NOT put apple cider vinegar in there!

  2. You should take a look at your diet as an imbalance can lead to the wrong kind of bacteria getting the upper hand.

    Cider vinegar is a great food for helping your system to be balanced. Try taking it daily for a few weeks – either in water or as salad dressing.

    Yogurt will also help you re-balance your system. Again, take it daily – the real kind not flavoured stuff with additives.

    Avoid too many sweet foods, too, especially added sugars.

    Check with your doctor if the condition does not improve in a few days.

  3. The reality is…there are NO studies to prove that apple cider vinegar can be used to treat this condition. NONE. All so-called “evidence” is based on anecdotal theories at best. I’m not sure how you are using this vinegar, but I would suggest to stop wasting your time.

    Clearly, the best and most reliable treatment is typically with a medication called “Metrogel Vaginal,” or “Clindesse.” The advantage of the latter, is that it is a one time treatment. The vaginal applications for MetroGel are usually 5-7 nights.

    Yes, many soaps can be VERY irritating to the vaginal flora, and it is best to use something mild/neutral. I typically recommend Dove or Ivory. You should try to wash “inside” the vaginal canal either. Avoid soaps that are “antibacterial” in nature as well. As well, you should NEVER douche, or take “bubble baths,” as these will upset the flora and precipitate a B.V. infection.

    Talk to your doctor or provider of care about this. Leave the vinegar for your next salad instead.

    Best of luck!

  4. YOU ARE WRONG !!! Apple Cider Vinegar bath DOES CURE Bacterial Vaginosis. I am one that has used metrogel at least 3 or 4 times a year for 15 years. Then i found out about adding apple cider vinegar to my bath. i even had my doctor re-check me and it was gone. I know the smell of Bacterial Vaginosis, when you shower, smell your washcloth after you wash down there, it will have a sour smell. Metro Gel does not prevent it coming back. Most women have it and don’t even know it. I have not had to use MetroGel for a year and a half now !!!! i now take a vinegar bath each week to stay BV free.

    to cure it, i took a vinegar bath for 3 days in a row. I like hot baths about 6 inches deep of water, so i put 3 cups of Apple cider Vinegar in mine. then i sit in it, spread my legs open, and splash it into my vaginal area. I even squeeze my butt cheeks back and forth to make the water kinda go up there ( I do not douch with it at all). I sit in there for a good 15 minutes. Then also don’t use antibacterial soap to wash your butt area. This kills the good bacteria and can make BV come back. I wash my body with dial antibacterial, but i use a separate mild soap (kiss my face ‘olive oil’ brand soap) to was my vaginal area, but any non anti bacterial soap would do.

    Try it, get tested at your dr. office, go fill the Metrogel prescription, but instead of using the Metrogel, Try a Apple Cider Vinegar bath, keep smelling that area (on your washclother or some toilet paper) and see if it ain’t gone in 3 days. Have your dr. test you again and see if it ain’t gone.

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