How long does it take to cure bacterial vaginosis using natural products?

like eating probiotic yogurt and taking probiotic pills everyday and eating veggies?


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5 Responses to How long does it take to cure bacterial vaginosis using natural products?

  1. baymast13 says:

    You need antibiotics. Probiotics are useful for replacing the good bacteria, but will not kill the bad bacteria. Go to a doctor.

  2. maggie l says:

    Does not usually work unfortunatelt, which is why people go to the doctor and get treated for the specific bacteria they have vs guess work and lame science.

    When it does work, there is no one magic answer and not proof that your body didn’t heal itself. Presonally, I don’t like the discomfort and I would prefer a real doctor giving me actual effective medicine. Sometimes the infections is not what you assume plus it almost always means your body is run down or otherwise sick, so a check-up is in order. Mis-guessing the bacteria can mean sterility for life (no kids ever), is it worth it?

    Then I can prevent another recoccrance by good hygiene, wicking and loose clothing, and probiotics. Also you sex partners need to be treated or they will re-infect you- men rarely have any symptoms of the bacteria.

  3. Tink says:

    Those things are not going to treat it. It requires antibiotics, and generally will not resolve on it’s own (and when it ‘does’, what you are usually left with is endocervicitis – an even nastier condition.)

    If the issue is being able to see a physician, you can go to the planned parenthood website and find a location near you – the charge on a sliding fee based on income, and the price usually will include medication. Then you can worry about things like probiotics, etc.

  4. Julius Jordan says:

    Eating those kind of food will not kill the bacteria but it can help increase your resistance against infection. Without taking any antibiotic medicine, your body will create antibodies to combat bacterial infection.The duration on how many days you will be cured depends on your body reacts to the bacterial infection, your resistance and how heathy you’re living.

  5. bobcatt says:

    Hey Jen … you are on the right track ….. we have been using an ultra pro-biotic called BIO-K PLUS … wow .. you really gotta try this …. honestly I think Bio-K is the one all the others try to copy ….

    I respectfully disagree that you would need to take an Anti-biotic as this would destroy the good flora inside your intestines and thus make a bad situation far worse … (speaking from much real-world experience)

    OK … sooooooo …. take a bottle of Bio-K at right before you go to sleep …. I would bet just 3 days of this and you would see a very positive change …. it would probably be a good idea to take Bio-K for at least 15 days, though …

    So Bio-K is all natural …. some of the higher-end health food stores have it … or if you have a Whole Foods Market near you … they usually have it … just look for the refrigerated case inside the vitamin section of the store … when you find that, look in the middle of the case … that is where they usually put it …

    hope you try it . . . remember to always keep it cold …

    be well …. :)

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