How long does it take bacteria vaginitis to completely go away?


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I went to the doctor and was given a clear cream to inject at night before bed for five days. since day one these little while spots have been coming out…and i finished my treatment yesterday and they are still coming, also, it doesn’t feel different yet. i don’t know if sex is still painful or not yet.

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  1. usually 2 weeks to completely get over anything…but it’ll ease up after a while….

  2. do u mean vaginosis? if so usually after treatment…it should take a few more days…mine after treatment didnt feel better for almost a week…so give or take 1 to 2 weeks depending on how bad it is..hope u feel better

  3. the white spots is the cream you used it comes out in clots/spots. and it should take a few days after treatments over but you should have noticed it feeling better a few days into the treatment.

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