How is it that some women go without wearing underwear? Don’t they have normal vaginal discharge, or do only?

SOME women experience normal vaginal discharge?


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  1. Good question. I don’t think it’s sanitary by any means. A woman has a natural vaginal discharge whether she wants to admit it or not, we do. Even though I could also ask that question I really don’t think there is a logical explanation as to why. So I have never really bothered in taking the time to listen. Underwear has a purpose, plain and simple.

  2. all woman have discharge. If you don’t wear underwear, it will get on your jean or inside your skirt, It doesn’t not usually leak though the material. Cotton underwear is designed to absorb the moisture. the regular clothes are not designed to absorb, so the moisture just sticks to the inside of the clothes.

  3. Kind of a pesonal question but whatever. Women wear panties (some wear little thongs but t sure as ever covers the JJ). I have discharge before my period…but not every day. I don’t knw whoo yur taping about but whoever I is that yor talking about…is nderd a gross girlie

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