How do you prevent reaccurence of (BV) Bacterial Vaginosis after treatment?


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  1. To help prevent bacterial vaginosis (BV):
    Eat at least 8 oz (226.8 g) of yogurt with live L. acidophilus cultures as part of your long-term daily diet. In one small study, women who ate L. acidophilus yogurt for 2 months showed a drop in rates of BV.
    Consider using birth control pills, which reduce the hormonal changes in the vagina that may lead to BV. (If you have multiple sex partners, also use condoms to reduce the risk for sexually transmitted disease [STD]).
    Limit the number of your sex partners. Multiple sex partners increase your risk of developing BV by changing the normal environment of the vagina.
    Only leave a tampon or diaphragm in for a limited length of time. Ask your health professional about correct use of a diaphragm to prevent both pregnancy and risk of vaginal infection.
    Avoid douching.
    Consider using nonoxynol-9 spermicide, which appears to reduce the risk for BV.
    BV isn't passed from one person to another and is not considered an STD. However, if you are exposed to an STD while you have BV, you are more likely to be infected by that disease.

  2. Eating Yogart is a good start, also make sure you are completly dry after bathing and wear cotton underwear. Cotton helps with moisture.

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