How do I tell my new girlfriend she has vaginal odor without hurting her feelings, or making her mad?


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I am at a loss for words on this one. I met a new girl (and really like her). I've noticed when having sex she has a nasty odor down there. I want to say something, but do not know where to begin on this one. Does anyone have any advice?


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  1. Tough situation buddy, i feel for you! I suggest next time you guys are having sex you exclaim there is a bad odor, wondering to her why and if your member smells bad! Hopefully she gets the point?!!!! I don't know, good luck with this one…

  2. buy her a douche bottle and a flower and say "this is for you dear and this is so you won't be mad at me"

  3. Oh the poor girl! It is probably one of a girl's worst nightmares to hear that, I hate to break it to you. I don't know if there's any easy way to say it. The golden rule in telling girls things they don't want to know though is:

    be honest, be sensitive (ie. put it in the nicest way possible) and then reassure her that it doesn't mean you don't like her or that you're going to leave because she's still great – you just thought you should be honest.

    By the way, a nasty odour can mean an infection so I would reaaaally warn against any oral activity for now!

    Follow the formula and it's the best you can do. Hope that helps 🙂

  4. Oh tough one– you do know that we dont all smell the same however, if it is really repulsive and forgive me, (fishy smelling) she may need to internal cleanse. She also can be a petrie dish for clamydia or other viruses that cause fowl odors- yeast infections are disgusting smelling.

    Since you just met this girl, I would limit your sexual prowness with her until she cleans up her act and by all means WEAR PROTECTION- funky smelling is a bad sign, and if you SAY something, expect her to say adios to you— she would be too embarrassed to be around you anymore……….

  5. my question is why do u stay with her? that's pretty gross that she doesn't have good hygiene at her age.. especially since she is having sex. There are ALOT of products out there for women to stay nice and clean! Such as baby wipes and body wash!

  6. could be gardenrella, (unsure of spelling!). Make sure you use a condom as it could be contagious and therefore of she gets treated you will pass it back to her.

    Mabey just shower together first….
    I have know idea how you should say something!!

  7. the only way you should tell her it buy telling her you would like dessert late at night in bad. but tell her to buy something to clean it. so it will be Delicious.and tell her to get some whip-cream to. peace/have/fun

  8. Buy her a "vaginal wash" sold in drugstores and supermarkets. Take a bath with her and do the washing yourself.

  9. I guess i wold tell her that because your her friend and you don't want to hurt her that you need to tell her some thing that might hurt her feelings but that it's not what mean to do.But you thought that maybe she might have an infection.

  10. U r in a relationship because u like the person. It is yr best interests and hers that u discuss this openly with her. Because it may be a symptom of a disease that is developing in her. U will help her most by telling her when u feel she is receptive and not in a bad mood. U need to show her that u care and even would accompany her to a physician.

  11. This is very senitive HOWEVER she knows it and she can smell it just like you can. Don't ever unestimate the knowledge of another human. Do you like her enough to tell her with your voice or by the means of a note. The only way you could go wrong is that you don't make it known to her what you think and feel. This is how you get to know woman to man or vice versa thru communication.

  12. theirs really no way to say it but to be honest and start by saying please don't get mad I DON'T want to hurt your feelings but;;;;; she may also need to see a Doctor could be yeast infection.good luck

  13. You don't have to tell her. She already knows. If your not in love. Find another girl who practices good hygiene and see a GYN regularly.

  14. Please tell her Trichomoniasis (STD) is a vaginal infection without any noticeable symptoms for man an and women. You may go along with your girl friend for medical checkup at any clinical lab.
    Trichomoniasis (STD) Incubation Period: If symptoms appear, it usually takes from 3 to 28 days for them to develop. A treatable bacterial infection of male urethra & female pelvis. A watery, greyish, yellowish, or greenish bubbly discharge (may become thicker)
    An unpleasant odor.
    Pain and itching when urinating.
    Most apparent after your period.

    Other two types of vaginal infections are as follows:-
    Yeast Infection(fungus)- A treatable fungal infection of the vagina. White cottage cheese-like thick discharge, but no strong odor.
    Swelling and pain around vulva.
    Intense itching and burning.
    Painful sexual intercourse.

    Bacterial Vaginosis- Incubation period: Anywhere from 12 hours to five days. Vaginal infection. Fluids may be foamy or frothy (heavier than usual)
    A white, gray or yellowish vaginal discharge.
    A fishy odor that is strongest after sex or after washing with soap.
    Itching and burning.
    Slight redness and swelling of the vagina and vulva
    Please see the webpages for more details on Trichomoniasis.

  15. is it a natural odor or something else? if it's natural take a bath together and wash her with a vaginal bath after then she herself knows that she must wash her with that, and if it's not a natural odor ask her consult a doctor may be it is a infection

  16. if u really like her then ask ur gf if she feels the same. if she does tell her that u love her & u r concern about the thing happening to her vagina which is the foul odor. it could be a sort of infection & u have to go to a doctor to eliminate the smell. just make up some story so that she'll not feel bad. tell her that "a far relative of yours has the same case also. and what that person did is she went to her doctor to have it examine" "when they found out that it's a sort of infection they immediately give her something to lessen the odor". well, u can be honest to her also but there is a consequence, which is she might feel bad & leave you behind. u can also tell some white lies so that she'll not feel hurt

  17. More then likely she has some type of infection, some you can get, and some you cant. A foul smelling vagina is bad news either way. Be weary and stay protected. She needs to go to the doctor. Just tell her. And for future reference, if a vagina has a bad smell, even after washing, there is somthing wrong with it. A healthy vagina has next to no smell.

  18. Do not tell her….there is no way to tell her without hurting her feelings or making her mad…and chances are she already knows about this since she walks around with it all day. Protect yourself in the meantime, always use a condom.

  19. it's a difficult one man. but i suggest u go n bath with her and wash that vagina ur self and ask her to do the same to u .. This will make her not to realise that u r doing it for her .. Do it in a romantic way . Hope this will help u

  20. no matter how nice you try to be she is going to be embarrassed. the best course of action is to be honest with her…before you make love again. ask her if she would like to shower with you. ask if she would let you wash her and show her a lot of attention down there. then see if she is still oderiferous. if that is the case then she may need to douche or have a dnc…(aka dustin and a cleanin)

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