how did women treat vaginal yeast infections BEFORE the pills?

how did people treat yeast infections 200 years ago? before there were pills and medications?
did they live with it for the rest of their lives? i don’t think so, because even having sex is painful with a yeast infection.
if they could treat it naturally, why doesn’t everyone?


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3 Responses to how did women treat vaginal yeast infections BEFORE the pills?

  1. ryssee says:

    Well, 30 years ago one of the answers was to put yogurt with active cultures up there. Not sure what was done for it before yogurt though.

  2. Tink says:

    Let me see….Gentian violet? A toxic dye….yes, but, no wait, that was only 100 years ago….Ah yes, Boric Acid….another one thats reasonably toxic, but it has been used for several hundred years….course the problem with that is that well, it tends to give people BV – and then they would truly be screwed – because there is no treatment for that other than antibiotics….if you were really – REALLY – lucky it might resolve itself, but if it didn’t, a woman might end up with endocervitis or some other extremely uncomfortable condition which makes a yeast infection look like a holiday….

    Quite honestly, the one thing that was the most therapeutic in gynecological infections (aside from STI’s) was the menstrual cycle itself, as the pH of blood has the ability to regulate the bacteria in the vaginal tract to some degree….

  3. ??dA?g?? says:

    Most yeast infections are from processed foods, diets high in sugar, birth control pills, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, acid blocking medication….
    As the poor diets/lifestyles of today and pharmaceutical medications are the main culprits, 200 years ago vaginal yeast infections would of been far less frequent if not a rarity. The herb Golden Seal was used for most ailments. This is an antifungal used today for candida overgrowth.

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