How can girls improve the TASTE of their vaginal discharge?


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9 Replies to “How can girls improve the TASTE of their vaginal discharge?”

  1. maybe if you take a bath every once in a while your boyfriend wont complain about your rotten tastin cooch

  2. depends on what kind of discharge you are talking about. if you are talking about normal discharge during sex, you can drink 2 to 3 8oz glasses of pineapple juice a day. it will make it sweet.

  3. "discharge"… not an appetizing term!…
    for a surprise, a lady can eat pineapple, that goes for men too. BAD things to do are: smoke, get dehydrated, get a bacterial or yeast infection.
    it should taste perfect if it's in perfect balance. if there is too much yeast or bacteria, that screws it up. taking antibiotics gives you a yeast infection… eating yogurt can help, or there's OTC medicine. bacterial infection can get passed back and forth, and that is nasty. you have to go to the doctor's for that, i think…

  4. Don't eat specific foods. Some ethnic foods,garlic, curry, asparagus,and salty foods. Men also can change the taste of their sperm.Same rules apply.

  5. One, you can't improve the taste. Two, why would anyone want to taste it? Three, the only vaginal discharge I know of is blood. You bleed because you are shedding unused eggs that die. Every woman is born with a certain amount of eggs that die over time. That is why menopause happens. So what you are tasting is blood that's full of dead eggs. Also, you are not supposed to be having sex at all!!!!!!

  6. thegreatone – do you not know about vaginal fluids, when your girl is wet down there it means she’s producing fluids. Pretty obvious I think. When a girl cums the flow of vaginal fluids increases. But if you havent tried Oral on her u probably wont get the full experience. My advice to you, you are too busy thinking in what you like and makes you feel good, getting ur penis in her vagina its not the only way of sex. Try Oral, girls will thank you.

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