snotty looking vaginal discharge . First it started clear and for?


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the past few days it has turned yellow. It looks like snot that could possibly comefrom the nose. I have never had this type of discharge before and i just need some advice about what i should do. i had a std check not to long ago and everything came back normal. there is no odor to it either. my last period was dec 1st. it lasted about 3 or 4 days which is quite normal 4 me. but a few days after i got off everytime i wiped after i used the bathroom i had a pinkish spotting(blood)on my toilet paper. that lasted for about 2 or 3 days. what could it be? pregnancy? i have two children already but i dont remember a discharge like this. well not jelly/slimmy like.

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  1. It could be a sign that you are ovulating, depending on how long your cycles last.

    If in doubt, ask your doctor. Better safe than sorry.

  2. it could be a yeast infection or some other type of infection but you should have that checked out by your doctor

  3. Sounds like a bacterial infection. (does it smell like fish ??? )
    Does it itch AND burn ??? Clindimicin is what I use.
    Yeast infections look and smell like yeast and I T C H.
    You CAN give the bacteria to a partner, so I'd get to the Dr for some meds. It can in some cases make you sterile.

  4. I'm not quite sure what it signals, but you should see a doctor if it persists. The discoloration could mean that you have an infection of some sort.

  5. is it like green discharge or just thick like slimmy stringy discharge? i get thick clear discharge that is stringy and dr says its normal as long as its not green. some yellow is normal even a slight grey is normal but if it really consernse you call your dr and ask him/her just to make sure

  6. if you are itchy…and maybe even if you aren't…sounds like you have a yeast infection to me.
    to be sure i would go to a doctor. you don't want that stuff to get infected and fall off. =D

  7. Some STD checks come back negative the first time. You should probably get checked once more just to be safe.

  8. Miss Lady,
    First and foremost don’t come to a site like this and expect that you are gonna get a serious answer or a Doctors opinion, because half the people on here gave you ignorant answers. What you should go do is see your OB, because everyone is different @ heating man, I don’t know where you got off saying to wash more, but a womans private is very sensitive, and a minor offset of ph balance can throw everything off. People like you need some help because that was wrong…Maybe you have an inner problem with yourself. Seriously go to your ob, but 95 percent of the times if you have discharge that smells you an infection. but if yours doesn’t smell not to worry, but like I said don’t even take my opinion take someone who has a phd in ob.

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