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I have a Polyup dime size bump on the inside of my vagina. It's at the bottom of the entrance of my vagina.I've had what I thought was a yeast infection and took the one pill prescription dose.It always works. I now have taken two doses and its been eight days.My vagina still has white discharge,burning,itching and I'm scared.My husband and I had intercourse and two days later this started happening.I had a c-section and was injured on5/9/06 and we've only been able to have intercourse maybe once a month because the doctors are still trying to work on getting my legs to bend again.I've got a Dr.appt scheduled for Monday but I'm scared what I will find out.Does anyone have any ideas if it could be a polyup of cancer,or a STD or because it's been awhile since intercourse?Please only serious answers.UPDATE,WENT TO DR THEY SAID NO YEAST WAS PRESENT IT WAS BACTERIA,THE BUMP LOOKED LIKE A GLAND,JUST DONT WORRY.I WAS PUT ON FLAGYL,BUT NOW IT HAS GOTTEN WORSE.DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY OTHER IDEAS


  1. The bump sounds like it could be a cyst. I get those sometimes on my vaginal lips. They get bigger, but they go away on their own after a bit. Hope you feel better soon! I would trust the doctor. If he didn't think it needed to be biopsied, it doesn't ever hurt to get a second opinion, but don't tear your hair out over it.

  2. You definetly need to get a second opinion. Tell your doctor that it is not getting better, the lump, and hopefully [s]he will help you. If your doctor keeps saying it's a gland and putting you on flagyl which isn't working, switch to a different doctor. This is a very serious sounding problem. Hope this helps, get well soon!!! 😀

  3. If it has gotten worse it could be that you are allergic to the medicine. Although sometimes it takes medicine a while before it starts working so it could be that you just haven't given the medicine enough time to actually start working. I had a similar problem when I also thought I had some sort of cancer but I went to the store and purchased some AZO cranberry pills as well as the nature's cure anti yeast pills or whatever they are called because my body doesn't tolerate monistat well. The swollen gland can be from irritation. I also started eatting yogurt like it was my job because it naturally helps with that plus many other areas of the body. Also I called the health department and asked them what to do because at the time I didnt have health insurance and they told me an old home remedy that involves inserting plain non flavored yogurt into the vagina using a tampon overnight and then bathing and washing that area the next morning extremely well to remove any excess yogurt. Some people recommend desiten but it doesn't work. I would say overall give it a day or 2 with some of my suggestions and if it still doesn't improve go back to the doctor.

  4. There are two pea sized lubricating glands at about 5 oclock and 7 oclock assuming you are laying on your back and your clitoris is at 12 oclock. Probably one has gotten an infection in it. You can do something more powerful than antibiotics. Put a hot wet towel on your vagina as hot as you can stand without buring or blistering for 3 minutes then place a cold wet towel on it for 1 minute. repeat this 3 times. Do it in the morning, noon, and night. In no time the infection will be arrested by your own white blood cells. You can do a similar treatment with a hot douche followed by a cold douche for the yeast infection.
    When you use hot and cold treatments the White blood cells become 7X more active. They give their lives to save yours. But without the hot and cold they are not summoned to the area of infection. I have had good results with these treatments. I'm going to pray for you.

    God's blessings be upon you.

  5. Ask your doctor to refer you to a consultant Gynecologist . If you have a discharge after having sex with your husband , both of you should be tested for an STD . I don't want to frighten you ; but it is better to see the doctor and consultant and be safe now rather than sorry later .

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