HELP.. vaginal infection?


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Help.. I am having this bright yellow discharge. im on birth control pills..
I first thought it was a yeast infection but it didnt clear up after an over the counter treatment. Can it be allergy? i changed my detergent and since then… its been kinda sore down there. I would make a doc appointment but my boyfriend is coming in two days so i dont want to be taking any antibiotic till he is gone.. is this ok?
I know it cannnot be an STD..

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  1. If you are absolutely sure its not an STD then it could be bacterial vaginosis i had that a few years ago and it was terrible. I went to the Health department and they gave me antibiotic for it but they said its not contagious to men so you dont need to worry about your boyfriend. And sometimes you have to get a prescription from your doctor for a yeast infection because over the counter stuff doesnt always work, but if its a yeast infection you will know believe me yeast infections itch sooooo bad.

  2. be careful, its a slight sign of an infection not sure what infection it is or possible your period on its way?, but go to the doctor as soon as you can before it get worst. Maybe you can monitor your detergent for a week more and see if it still happens if you really believe its your detergent. Also, if its an infections you don’t want to spread it back and forth to your boyfriend.

  3. I had a similar issue, when i went to the doctor they told me in was BV, if it has a foul smell its most likely that…
    Its common, probably from a shampoo conditioner or something really strong like that that your using.
    The antibiotic is 2 pills and it goes away almost immediately .

    Another thing it might be is chlamydia, ( because of the soreness)
    that should be treated asap since it sterilizes your eggs, and brings other diseases like a Urinary tract infection or gonorrhea, which then those are bigger problems and pretty costly if they start adding up.
    But if your sure it isn’t an std then you shouldn’t worry about it, just be safe!
    Wishing you the best of luck.

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