Has anyone used tea tree oil for vaginal odor?

I’m having some strong odor right now and I can’t get to my doctor for a couple of days. Any suggestions on how to use tea tree oil to control the odor? Please, only serious responses.


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5 Responses to Has anyone used tea tree oil for vaginal odor?

  1. Curzon says:

    I use fish oil for my vaginal odors.

  2. stolen my heart. says:

    Oh gosh, DO NOT put tea tree oil down there.

    Tea tree oil can be very harsh and can dry out the skin, I can’t possibly imagine how it would feel to have dry skin down there. And sometimes, tea tree oil can even create a burning sensation on the skin. Please do not put that stuff down there.

    Instead, just gently wash down there with some warm water, a wash cloth, and a mild soap.

  3. Anne says:

    OH MY GOD NO!!
    And tea tree oil smells WORSE than anything your vagina could possibly smell like!
    Don’t use anything. Soap and water around the vulva (external) and that’s it!

  4. Stacy Kinn says:

    You can use tea tree oil for vaginal odor, actually if u do a web search, tea tree oil is one of the most common products suggested to use. I think the other people who posted thought you were thinking of using it as is. You shoul mix 2 drops to 6 oz of purified water.

  5. tricia says:

    how to use tea tree oil for vaginal odor, I started using tea tree oil suppositories because odor down there, it works just started got it from Sprouts.

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