Has anyone tried the garlic clove in vagina for candida/yeast infection? Women answers only thanks?


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Have any of you gals out there (no male answers thank you – honestly lol!!) around the world tried the treatment for thrush/yeast/candida infection where you put a garlic clove in there overnight?

If so how many days did you need to do this,
did you leave the garlic clove whole, or score it or crush it a bit,
and how effective was treatment?
Just for your information ladies it CANNOT get lost up there or "work its way past/into the cervix"… this is not possible 🙂

Also please assume that one has already visited the doctor and told that it's thrush. There is more than one way to get rid of thrush, the chemist is not God!!

Please answer only if you have tried this or if you have a friend/sister/mum etc who has tried it. 🙂

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  1. NO! NO! NO! Do not stick garlic in your vag! What if it works it’s way all the way up by your cervix, you’ll have to go to the gyn to get it our. Go get the proper medicine at the pharmacy. Also, you should go to the gyn to be sure what type of organism you have to treat it properly.

  2. Fresh garlic in contact with mucous membranes is a dangerous thing. Cut it in two or crush it and you are really asking for big trouble. Garlic is strong stuff. It will “burn” the mucous membrane of your vagina and leave sores which never really heal properly.

    I have had clients who did that and regretted it ever after. Same thing with people who put half a clove of garlic up their nostrils to ward off a cold: they get sores inside their nose which never heal properly for the rest of their lives.

    The best cure for candida/yeast infection is GSE (grapefruit seed extract). I’ll give you the treatment by email if you are interested. It’s a bit long to put it here.

    All the best for good health very soon!
    Lisa J

  3. I have heard it before, but that is one home remedy I don’t think I would be willing to try. I just keep thinking it would burn! And I also think of that garlic smell that stays on your hands for a day when you cook with garlic – even after washing your hands. I find the 1 day treatment of OTC yeast infection medication works pretty well.

    Good way to keep away rapist vampires though. (SORRY!! I had to!!)

  4. Garlic eaten raw burns in your mouth, I know this from experience. Can you imagine using it in your vagina. You would run to the emergency room. Eating raw garlic is very healthy and kills a lot of bacterias. Try crushing raw garlic and putting it on some bread to avoid stomach aches. Do this for a week and see, if it helps.
    Avoid eating anything with sugar in it as this might worsen your condition.
    Good luck and health to you.

  5. put a garlic clove in your mouth and feel how it burns the mucous membranes
    How can you even think of putting it down there?It will burn like hell and damage the mucous lining there.—please don't use it!

  6. Here is what my Grand Mum’s herb book says to do.

    Garlic is both antibacterial and antifungal.
    while they used to use crushed garlic now
    they are mostly using garlic in extract form it has been shown to inhibit the growth of candida albicans

    the treatment the I have listed is
    to insert garlic capsules in the morning and acidophilus capsules at night to create an environment that will hlep restore healthy bacteria.

    the other treatments that are listed.

    Herbal douches
    herbal douches can also support and regenerate tissue.

    herbs with such healing effects include
    golden seall
    marsh-mallow root
    and dandelion.
    make a strong tea using one or more of these herbs and use it as a douche twice daily for one week
    2 tsp of herb for every 1 cup of boiling water.

    tea-tree oil also makes an effective douche for fighting infections
    put 20 drops of tea-tree oil in 1 qt of warm water and douche twice a day.


    Vinegar sitz bath
    add 1-2 cups of apple cider vinegar and one cup of salt to a half baht of warm water vinegar helps to support a normal acidic balance while the salt disinfects
    take a 10 min bath daily until your symptoms disappear or to prevent the recurrence of infection.

    herbel sitz bath
    pour 1 qt of boiling water over 2-3 tsp of oak bark steep for 15 min and than strain. pour the remaining liquid into a sitz bath and soak 1-2 times daily for relief.
    Tannin rich oak bark reduces swollen membranes and will help dry up vaginal discharge and secretions

    if you get recuring yeast infections there is a diet and some other things that can help feel free to email me to get them

  7. I have done this and it works incredibly well. It smells strange down there while you are doing it, but it feels incredibly clean once you’re healed. I highly recommend this remedy. I have also been soaking a tampon in yogurt for 1 hour, then inserting. I have used Yeast Arrest which contains boric acid, Oregon Grape, and Calendula. These three remedies all put together worked wonders. My vagina feels so much cleaner and healthier than before. I read somewhere that any burning to the mucous membrane tissue repairs itself quickly, so I’m not worried about that at all. I was WAY more concerned with having this gross fungi taking over my body. While eating yogurt and acidophilus helps, it just wasn’t fast enough or strong enough to kill the yeast infection in my vagina. Oh and be sure to cut the garlic in half to release the juices before you insert it.

  8. I have used this method often to fight vaginal yeast infections. Take one single clove & remove the outer skin. If your infection is pretty bad, take the point of a knife and make little cuts in the clove. Then, lie on your back and insert it as far as you can. The funny thing about this treatment is that you will find that you can taste garlic in your mouth after about 30 minutes (another good reason to do this at night). Someone told me of this side effect and I didn’t believe them. Well, now I know it’s true! My breath smells like I’ve eaten loads of garlic toast by morning. Usually, I find that when I sit on the toilet the next morning for my first morning pee, the garlic just slips right out. And, my infection is much better. I suggest you repeat this for at least one extra night after your symptoms are gone. Works wonders and it’s much less messy than yogurt.

  9. I am actually doing it right now for the first time. I had sex just now and afterwards, my vagina was swollen and there was the white cottage cheese-like discharge. I read everywhere that garlic is one of the best remedies. So i got me a fresh clove of garlic and scored it all around so i could get the most of the juices. Once it hit the lips of my vagina, i already felt the burn. When i put it inside, it was the most painful burning EVER! But i was determind, so i inserted it in til i couldnt bear the pain anymore and pulled it out. And i kept doing that until there was absolutely no pain at all. So now its just sitting in there, pain free. I hope it works! I will update in the morning 😀

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