Green discharge coming from my VAGINA?

i used a lufa in the shower, and i rubbed my anal and "female parts" region and i noticed a very odd discharge. It was the shade of cucumbers. what is wrong?


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13 Responses to Green discharge coming from my VAGINA?

  1. lolzzzzPSE says:

    you may have an infection! i would see a doctor asap!

  2. essentiallysolo says:

    you've given yourself bacterial vaginitis, you need to see a doctor, or it can render you sterile.

  3. HappyCat says:

    Are you Irish by any chance?

  4. ? says:

    Im not sure but I know that is not normal at all. You need to go see a doctor. It is probably an infection but I would go see a doctor.

    Hope this helps

  5. mini wheats says:

    that's not normal,you have to see a doctor

  6. C.C. says:

    what is a lufa…regardless thats very sketchy. See a doctor asap

  7. aaferri2 says:

    please see a doctor =(

  8. Namali W says:

    You need an STD test. If you leave it, many STDs can cause infertility.

  9. Niecey B says:

    yea that sounds like an infection. I would definately go chekc that out with your doctor. you probably got feces(filled with bacteria) spread into the vagina.

  10. Binka says:

    Its probably an infection. I'd go to the gynecologist to get them to test it and do a papp smear cause it could be something else than an infection. The discharge should be either whitish or clear not any other color.

  11. GloriaGoodbye says:

    Ohjeez. Please, don't use your lufa down there, use your hands. Do not get any stuff from your anal region anywhere where it can get into your vagina. You have a serious infection now and need to see your doctor.

    Remember: front to back, and don't use something you used on your bum to clean your vagina. I always use my hands and no loofah. Make sure you rinse very cleanly down there and never get fecal matter anywhere near your vagina or vulva! ><

  12. the lonely the lovely..... says:

    it's gonorrhea go to the doctor

  13. ?Malley? says:

    i get that too….doesn't everyone? That's what pads are for…am i abnormal?

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