Good soaps to use during vaginal infections?


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For some reason bacteria keeps appearing in my vagina every time after the treatment for it. The urgency to urinate got so bad that I had to go the ER to c what was going on. About a week ago, a doctor did a pelvic exam and said there was no bacteria there, just yeast from an antibiotic that I had been on for about a week, which was explaining the urgency problem. Well the medicine for the yeast apparently wasn't working, even tho the itching left. So the people at the ER did a urine test and a pelvic exam just like the regular college nurse did, and said there was bacteria there. How that is possible I do not know, after the doctor told me last week that there was no bacteria whatsoever. How the heck bacteria got in there again, I will never understand. But I explained to the ER nurse what had been going on with me, and that I was being treated for bv and strep throat at the same time, and she was nodding as if it was totally understandable. I'm sick of this! Got any home remedies?
Instead of Caress and Dove (which I was told was fine to use) I think I'm going to use Dial soap during this treatment. Is that soap good enough? It's a white bar and it's got in small letters, "antibacterial and deoderant." Altho I just noticed the deoderant part
And I am STD free by the!

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  1. I'd go with a natural soap like Kiss My Face, because it is natural it doesn't have all the harsh detergents that regular soap like Dial has. ANd you don't need the anti bacterial properities, or deoderant in your soap. In fact, the wrong soap can cause allergic reactions that can lead to yeast infections. So please be careful what you use. It's worth the extra money to get something of a higher quality.

  2. I was going to suggest using the dail soap. I get bladder infections alot so I just started drinking a lot of cranberry juice. If you got a yeast infection from the antibiotics you should pick a treatment like monastat 7, that has a cream for the itching. I hope this has helped and good luck!

  3. Please listen to what I have to say–I don't care about the best answer thing.
    1. You are not dirty. You should be using a gentle soap down there. Unscented and delicate. I usually buy Kiss My Face Pure olive oil soap. It's a wonderful soap and very non toxic. You should not be over washing your vaginal area. That will cause more infections! Your vagina has to have a certain amount of good bacteria. If you take antibiotics or wash too much or have sex or so many other reasons, you can kill off the good bacteria and then the bad bacteria takes over and you have the itching. It sounds like the antibiotics gave you this yeast infection.
    2. Buy and take Probiotics. I usually use Biobeads but there are many good ones. Look up probiotics or biobeads on iherb.
    3. Eat more yogurt–it will help replenish healthy bacteria too.
    4. Take support supplements for bladder infections. You can look this up too. They recommend cranberry and also D-mannose.

    Beleive me though–do not use the soap because it says antibacterial. We have good bacteria in our body that we need. Don't destroy it, replenish it and it will keep the baddies away.
    Good luck learning all about this stuff–believe me it will pay off for you when you stop having to go through this.

  4. Try baby shampoo, like Johnson's. It has the same ph as your skin, and won't sting or irritate.

  5. I use Summers Eve gentle wash. They also have the best feminine wipes…I use them all the time:-)
    Being a girl is a lot of work! lol

  6. The best thing to use is UNSCENTED, clean rinsing soaps with mild detergents. Gentler is better.
    Antibacterial soaps seem like a good idea, but if you overuse them, you actually end up killing the good bacteria that fights off the bad bacteria and infections.
    To prevent yeast, I've found that a daily dose of acidophilus does the trick! You can buy chewable tablets at pretty much any drug store. Acidophilus is an active (natural!) culture found in yogurt, in case you don't want the pills or tablets.
    As far as preventing future infections, make sure you clean yourself thoroughly before sexual intercourse (if you're sexually active), and ALWAYS urinate afterwards!
    Urinating after sex is the body's natural way of preventing bladder infections. The urine clears out any bacteria that may be lurking about in the urethra after sex.
    Also, you should never use a douche unless your doctor tells you to do so. Like strong antibacterial soaps, these can offset the delicate balance of bacteria in a womans body.

  7. actually, it would be a "no soap" at all! simply wash with lukewarm water!

    as for the issue of it coming back time and time again, have you ever been tested for diabetes? yeast infections are common in both men and women who have type 2 diabetes!

  8. Sounds like an "irritating" situation, indeed!

    Looking at what you wrote, makes me wonder if you're going in circles with this stuff.

    Firstly, BACTERIA in the vagina is NORMAL — being the RIGHT kind of bacteria, that is. Lactobacillus is a very normal part of the vaginal flora, as well as others. When women take antibiotics, especially those referred to as "broad spectrum," the antibiotic doesn't know the difference between GOOD bacteria, or bad ones. It just kills them off indiscriminately. When this happens, women will often get a secondary YEAST infection as a result. Then, you're stuck having to treat that with an antifungal (I typically write for a couple of tablets of Diflucan 150 mg., taken 3 days apart). Even treating for B.V. (bacterial vaginosis) can cause a disruption of the normal flora at times. Still…not to worry.

    A lot of these otherwise "vaginal" infections can cause symptoms of urinary tract infection, and irritation to the urethra that can mimic one as well. However, when a sample is taken of the urine for analysis — it may be perfectly normal.

    A few suggestions here:
    (1) You might just want to wait this out and let your body correct itself. This is often the simple solution.
    (2) Avoid douching at ALL COSTS!! This can only make matters worse!
    (3) No bubble baths!
    (4) Put the Dial soap away! You don't need to use something like that. I suggest Dove or Ivory plain soap only.
    (5)Try some yogurt with "Active Cultures" in it. Dannon's Activia may be useful — eat 2-3 servings per day.
    (6) Some people swear by using PLAIN yogurt with live cultures INSIDE THE VAGINA to balance the flora. This might help. Using a turkey baster seems to be the tool of choice. (I know…it sounds ridiculous).

    Others have some similarly good answers as well, and most are definitely on target. I agree with the "lukewarm water" comment for certain. Using perfumed anti-bacterial soaps may only make this MUCH WORSE! Hope this helps! Best of luck!

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