Funny smell like down in the vagina area sometimes like when i sneeze or cough discharge comes out, HELP.?

okay, so like i have had this problem for a while but i really can't do anything about it (like go to a doctor or anything) because i'm not really old enough and i don't want to tell my mom or anything.. but its so annoying like it happens all the time.. when i sneeze or cough or like laugh. also its sort of irritating too like itchy but only sometimes.. i need some serious advice please.


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6 Responses to Funny smell like down in the vagina area sometimes like when i sneeze or cough discharge comes out, HELP.?

  1. Jen C says:

    There's over the counter products you could buy at the store. DON'T STRESS IT!!!

  2. Fran says:

    It sounds like you probably have a yeast infection. You might try Monistat for yeast infections and see if that works or make an appointment with your doctor. I have had it before and the Monistat worked for me……

  3. SJ says:

    depends. it could just be normal discharge. itchy isn't normal – it sometimes coming out when you sneeze or laugh is

  4. juniper555 says:

    If its yeast it will itch A LOT and you can treat it with just over the counters, but there is something that is just as common as yeast infections called bacterial vaginosis which is NOT an STD but you need a prescription to get rid of it. It is most commonly characterized as discharge with a " fishy, foul odor." If you really really don't wanna go to the doctor you can get the new Vagisil test kit over the counter to determine if its yeast or a bacterial infection. It could save you a trip to the doctor but it costs like $15. You could go to planned parenthood to diagnosis you and they don't tell your parents, this is also an option for you if they have one in your area. Good Luck, girl I hope everything works out.

  5. grayeepinkmall says:

    If u have sex recently that caused the problem.
    or if you save the hairs stop.

  6. charlie m says:

    tell your mother she is your best friend

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