fungus infection on my vagina?

fungus infection on my vagina. i have sensitive skin so it made me itch and now its a dark spot around my vagina!!1 ;( can any body tell me how to get rid of the dark pacth??? im 15
I got the dark spot beacuse i stretch to much and i have sentive skin and the bumps turn into blemishes pacth down there


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3 Responses to fungus infection on my vagina?

  1. Kelle says:

    Could be many things. See the doctor.

  2. Tijmen says:

    I haven’t seen it, so cannot judge is. You’d best ask your apothecary or a dermatologist. They are forced by law to keep such things secret, and they have more knowledge about those matters than me.

  3. crafty says:

    Why do you think you have a fungal infection? Yeast infections are usually caused by the fungus
    Candida albicans. Look it up. The yeast infection causes burning and itching and a whitish discharge. Yeast infections are not sexually transmitted. Don’t know why you would have a dark spot, but it probably has always been there. You can soak in a warm tub bath, then dry yourself real good, even using a hair dryer if needed. Wear cotton panties not nylon. Nylon holds the moisture in the vaginal area, the yeast feeds off of moisture. You need to see your doctor to make sure that is what you have and get a medication that will treat it, but there is vaginal creams or suppositories that you can buy at the drug store.
    If you have had sex, you definetly need to be checked by the doctor, just to make sure that you don’t have something else. Herpes is sexually transmitted, with painful blisters and periodic outbreaks. There is NO cure, and you can pass it on to others.

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