Extremely itchy urethra, burning sensation, vaginal rash, but no smell or discharge?


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I am sexually active, and I did have unprotected sex recently. Yeah I know it wasn’t smart. No I don’t know if he’s clean, and I’m not in a situation to ask him. Anyway, my urethra as well as around and just inside my vagina have been extremely itchy the last few days, I have a burning sensation when I pee, feel like I have to go constantly, but have no colored or cloudy urine, no smell or discharge, and no blisters or warts. There are very tiny almost white-ish bumps surrounded by red irritated skin just below my vaginal opening (which is pushing out a little by the way), but aside from that nothing. I truly can’t afford to go to the doctor unless I know it’s actually something serious but haven’t been able to find any answers and the itching is driving me CRAZY!


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  1. If it’s affecting your day to day life, it’s time to see a doctor. That makes it serious.

    You could have a UTI, a yeast infection, a bladder infection, an STD … etc etc

  2. Just for your peace of mind go talk to your OB to get tested for STDs andand allergies.

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