excessive vaginal discharge(more than usual) vagina smells no matter how many times i clean. not yeast infec.?


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Everytime i pee seems i have alot of vaginal disharge in my underwear. its really weird. its not chunky or anything but my vagina smells also no matter how many times i clean it. i know its not a yeast infection cause theres no burning itching or redness it just sorta smells and im always wet? is it from sex or what?
thanks! no its not a std lol i already got checked my by obgyn and been with the boyfriend for 8 months. ill just wait and see if it goes away. btw.. my boobs hurt really bad but i dont get my period till the end of february

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  1. It could be yeast eventhough there is no itching or burning. It could be an infection or… what are you cleaning with? Do you eat a lot of carbs/sugar? If so, cut down. Wear loose pants and cotton undies, no G-strings.

  2. See a gynecologist. I'm sure you will get some good cleaning methods and tips from him/her.

  3. It could be vaginosis which is an overgrowth of the natural bacteria in the vagina. The only cure is antibiotics, but then you will need a yeast infection cure too, because when you kill the bacteria you will then get an overgrowth of yeast. You can talk to your gyno and they can give you the antibiotics and when you are close to finishing them you can take a Diflucan.

  4. smells like what?? if it's a fishy smell it may be bacterial vaginosis. this isn't an std, and can be brought on by sex (as sex can disrupt the balance of good bacteria up there). sometimes it doesn't have symptoms, though. another option can be trichonomias which is an std, and produces green or yellow discharge and burning. see a gyno and she will test your discharge or any infection.

  5. ok i had the same same side affects. i washed and washed and soon as i got done the order was back again. and i had gohnera. your obgy should have told you to come back because sometimes it don't show up as fast as it should. because i went my results was negative and went back two weeks later and found out thats what i had. and i was with my boyfriend for 1yr and a half. it dont matter how long you been with someone a man going to do what he wants to do. but good luck i hope your ok

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