Eating Activia for a Bacterial Vaginosis Infection?


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I was told that a Bacterial Vaginosis infection was caused by not having enough "Good" Bacteria to help fight off the "Bad" Bacteria, thus allowing infection to occur. My question is: I heard that eating the yogurt ACTIVIA, helped to regulate the bacteria? Is this true? All the commericials ever say is that it helpes regulate digestion, but makes no mention about any bacteria. Can you answer is ACTIVIA is good for regulating Good bacteria?

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  1. you don't eat it….. you put it into your vagina

    i'll link you.

    Cure yeast infections. Use a turkey baster to insert yogurt into the vagina. According to The New Our Bodies, Ourselves, some women claim that yogurt in the vagina is a remedy for candida albicans.

  2. all yogurts have the same thing activa has. Try drinking Kefir. It's a probiotic drink that helps put good bacteria in your system to fight off the yeast and bad bacteria. You can put plain yogurt on your vagina to fight yeast infection.

  3. Eating yogurt is good for vaginal health. From what I've seen on the commercials, Activia has Biffidus Regularus added to it. If it also has all the regular cultures that normal yogurt has, it should be good. I'm looking at my plain yogurt container and here are the cultures it contains: L. acidophilus and bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium sp. and S. thermophilus. Also look to see if Activia contains these cultures–I do believe the important one for feminine health is the acidophilus. If Activia doesn't contain these, I think regular yogurt would be better to eat for vaginal health.

    Will yogurt cure BV? I doubt it. It's possible it could help prevent a re-infection once it's cured. It's generally accepted that an antibiotic, prescribed by a doctor, is the only way to cure BV. Good luck!

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