Earwax as a test for infection in vagina?!?


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My co-worker told me today that she heard if a guy sticks his finger in his ear (with some ear wax in it) and fingers a girl with earwaxy fingers, that if the girl feels burning then she has an infection?! They said that earwax is a natural antibiotic in the body.

I have NEVER heard of this. Anybody ever heard of this working? and can you do it yourself?

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  1. sounds like guy talk .just something stupid to say. you must have been doing your job.

  2. I've never heard of that. I wouldn't suggest trying it. The only thing I have heard as an old remedy that includes earwax is that if you put some on a infected taste bud ( like ya know when you get that little tiny bubble on your tongue) it is suppose to get rid of it. I have never tried it, just a little too strange for me. But as far as for vaginal infections….I'm not so sure. I can't really imagine it would be very healthy to do that.


  3. Um… I imagine a 'natural antibiotic' wouldn't IRRITATE anything… and personally, I think that just sounds like a great way to get an infection.

    If anyone thinks they have an infection… they should really go to a doctor. Not some horny dude who hasn't cleaned out his ears.

  4. Total BS. Why would anyone let someone with dirty ass earwax fingers to be inserted into their vagina is beyond me. First you must be super naive and second super cheap or both. If you feel you have an infection you usually have some kind of burning or itching. If you aren't sure just get a check up people I think you can get it free. By putting dirty ass fingers in there that is usually what causes the infection in the first place. This reminds of the of the other BS that somes girls fall for. It's the one where if you rub sperm all over your face it will get rid of acne. If these things really work a lot of teenage guys with a bad case of acne will start rubbing their own semen onto their faces to clear up their acne problem. People are so gullible. Just like guys who claim to be allergic to condoms. I'll tell the loser if I was the girl well I am allergic to your dick or allergic to getting pregnant or allergic to be a single mother so get lost.

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