dry, irritated, burning vagina lips..no odor, discharge? whats happening?


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my inner lips are driving me crazy they are so itchy, red, dry and slightly shriveled.. its painful to put on an anti itch cream like monistat it burns soo much i want to cry!!! i dont have any odor or discharge. i dont really think its a yeast infection.. this has been going on for about 2 and half weeks now i went to the doctor 2 weeks ago when i had a uti and the itch, he gave me antibiotics for the uti which went away but the itch still persisted. ( i had it before the uti too) im 18 i am sexually active with my boyfriend of a year and a half and neither of us has any stds. what do u think this could be and what can i do to stop the itch..

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  1. Try vaginal creams that have benzocain in them like vagisil it will
    numb the itch for a while.You can also try hydracortisone cream
    and drink cranberry juice.

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