Does yogurt to treat vaginal infection cause side effects?

I heard yogurt is being used by women to treat things like thrush, and was advised to dip a tampon in yogurt and stick it up in the vagina, let it stay there but not over 4 hrs, just as with any tampon used.

Well, I had it in there for just 2 hours and I started to feel this throbbing headache, and my tongue started to feel "numb", there is this wierd taste (kind of septic-like)…it still is now, even with the tampon off for 5 hours. I don't have a headache anymore.

Btw I'm not sensitive to tampons, have been using them for several years.


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  1. well hun thrush is typically infants yeast infection and they usually get it in their mouth, and the yogurt thing is if you feel a yeast infection coming on you can usually stop it by eating a couple of cups of yogurt, never heard of putting it on a tampon…….. Your not suppose to put things like that in their thats why lubes are made only things for that purpose go in their… I would ask your doctor but you should be fine prob just messed up the ph and normal bacteria in the vagina, take a bath, EAT some yogurt and relax… next time consult a doc! They have tons of over the counter stuff for yeast infections and doc can prescribe a pill to eat or insert that works in as little as 1-2 days!

  2. The yogurt is quite effective if you just eat it (every day for 3-5 days).

    Small wonder you are having problems if you are inserting strange things into your vagina. Perhaps that is how/why you developed a "condition" in the first place.

  3. I hope it was Unsweetened yogurt as sugar feeds yeast. Not sure about your side effects, could be unrelated. You should see a doctor.

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