Does what i eat affect vaginal odor?


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when i eat certain foods i feel like i have an uncomfortable vaginal odor. i shower twice daily, and i have annual check ups on time so i know its not std related is there anything i can do. are there any creams or foods that might help with this embarrasing odor?

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  1. oh yes, stay away from meat, and sea food even, they smell worse. eat lots of fruits and vegetables. strawberies and pineapples are the best.

  2. You could still have a yeast infection or bacterial infection that could be causing an odor. Those types of infections are not STD related, as a rule, and just happen to be one of the unpleasant girl things that happen. There is now an over the counter test that you can get that would help you determine if you have an infection. If you do, and have never had an infection, see your doctor for a prescription that will help clear it up

  3. It does that to me, too. I hate that. I actually try to avoid eating fish during the week because I don't want to go to work smelling like that. lol.

    Seafood is the worst for me, but things like garlic and onions also seem to come through. Ugh.

    I've also heard that pineapple gives the vagina a sweet smell (as well as taste, if you wanted to know). You could try taking chlorophyll in liquid or capsule form. That's supposed to deodorize the body. Or eating lots of dark green, leafy vegetables that naturally contain chlorophyll.

    I think any creams are more of a perfume-y cover up than anything. Maybe a dusting of baking soda or cornstarch could help absorb any odor and make you feel better.

  4. Yes, what you eat can affect vaginal odor. I always wondered the same question, especially after eating fish. I came across an interesting article “The Healthy Vagina Diet” that you can find here: This article has lots of tips and suggestions on what to add to your diet to help control and eliminate strong unpleasant vaginal odor. Eating yogurt, foods that are high in beta-carotene and green vegetables are good for curing vaginal odor. I’d suggest you check out the above article because it contains a lot of easy home remedies. Hope this helps!

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