Does plain yogurt really help with vaginal infections?

Does plain yogurt really help with vaginal infections? I've just heard a lot of rumors and im not quite sure….


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6 Responses to Does plain yogurt really help with vaginal infections?

  1. katherineduchoveney says:

    It can help but you're better off either going with Monistat or seeing your gyno.

  2. lil ole me. says:

    yes, it's a very effective homeopathic remedy (either eating it or applying it to the area)

  3. lucey lu lu says:

    no it has nothing to do with anything of your Virgina or help anything roomers are wrong

  4. sexualhealtheducator says:

    Plain yogurt can help with the itching/burning that comes with vaginal infections like a yeast infection. I once had an external yeast infection and nothing felt better than cold yogurt on me. It helped keep me comfortable until my medicine kicked in. Whenever you are taking antibiotics, you should eat extra yogurt because it can help prevent a yeast infection…its got to do with the probiotics in the yogurt.

  5. sara says:

    If you EAT it, you can help prevent getting yeast infections, especially if you are on antibiotics. Whatever you do, don't put it inside of you. And to the person who called your vagina Virginia, don't listen to her.

  6. Rachel H says:

    It does help to eat yogurt everyday to prevent vaginal infections because of the bacteria in the yogurt. Also if you get a yeast infection you can apply plain yogurt to your vagina for releif. I am on birth control pills, and was gettin frequent yeast infections from it, I started eating 8oz of yogurt a day and I didn't get anymore.

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