does pantyliner causes vaginal irritation or infection?


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4 Replies to “does pantyliner causes vaginal irritation or infection?”

  1. It certainly can if not changed regularly. Just think of it as holding all the bacteria and growing it for oyu. The longer it,s there, the more there are and they can get to your urinary tract.
    This includes bacteria from your skin and anus that can sweat and get onto the pad, they then multiply an so on.
    Sorry for the graphics, but trying to explain.

  2. I know that a lot of woman are allergic to a dye and/or a fragrance that is used in Always brand…could be that?? Im sure that every brand uses something different so I would just switch brands and see if that helps. They usually get rashes, yeast infections and sometimes an abcesses can form from scratching to much!!!

  3. some pantyliners have chemicals in them to minimize the odor. these chemicals can irritate your skin.

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