Does Macrobid work for Bacterial Vaginosis?


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mycrobi be used to treat a vaginal bacteria infection? Does Macrobid work for Bacterial Vaginosis?

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  1. Yes it does, Macrobid is an antibiotic used to treat a number of bacterial infections, just look on and type in macrobid, it will explain in depth about the uses and what it treats

  2. Don't take our word for it,Always talk to your GYN or your local clinical GYN.Sometimes what we think we have is actually something different and when you take something for one thing it makes something worse.So ask your GYN.

  3. i don't know what that is…but i had a heck of a time getting an appointment at the doctor so i did some research for BV….you can make your own BORIC ACID powder capsules. Put one far up your vagina every night Right before you go to bed for 2 weeks!!. As soon as you get up in the AM go potty, you will have a lot of discharge.

    Boric Acid is an insect poison, but it works in 98% of cases to get rid of BV. If you dont want to make it by yourself you can get an RX and go to a compounding pharmacy…call before, maybe they won't need an RX, here in South Carolina they do. So I just went to Walgreens, went to the pest section and bought a bottle of the boric acid powder, it comes in a big white bottle, its like $3bucks, and I bought size 00 capsules from the compounding pharmacy (you might be able to get them at a health food store).

    If you have pets, make sure to keep the bottle in the plastic bag, and put it under the sink where no pets can get to it. Always wash the sink or counter wherever you spill it. And wash your hands. Try not to inhale it.

    Make sure you have BV and not an STD. in BV you will have FISHY odor….and whitish discharge…I just did a 3 week cleanse, ate some junk food and cheap white wine, and got a yeast infection AND BV because my body had gotten soo cleaned out and sensitive!!! my fault, but now I am on my 4th day of using the capsules, I have no smell, no fishy queefs…it was REALLY nasty.

  4. No, Macrobid is used strictly for urinary tract infections. A doctor will prescribe you Flagyl/Metronidazole for BV in either a pill or ointment, so long as you are not nursing.

  5. best thing to do is find a natural cure for bacterial vaginosis. Get in tune with your body

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