does having an IUD cause bacterial vaginosis?


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well I only asked the question because i read on another site that when you have an IUD you get bacterial vaginosis quite often

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  1. Anything that affects the chemicals in your reproductive system can cause that. Go to the doc. Find out for sure, could be a sign of a yeast infection or HPV.

  2. Having an IUD shouldn't cause BV because the IUD should stay safely nestled up inside your uterus, with the strings just peeking out of the cervix (the opening of the cervix). BV is an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina (which is normally held in check by "good" bacteria).

    Granted, the causes of BV aren't clear, though most people consider it not to be an STD.

  3. It definetely can….it's in your uterus and when you have intercourse, anything that is introduced to your vagina is "potentially" introduced to your uterus. There alot of causes for bacterial vaginosis, but intimate relationships and semen in "that" area can definitely help the bacteria to overgrow. Our bodies don't automatically "accept" a man's semen, it tries to reject it…..and anything our body tried to reject can cause a conflict

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