does cigarette smoking cause vaginal odor?


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Every since i started smoking a different brand of cigarettes i have been having this foul sour smelling vaginal odor, just want to know is the cigarettes causing it?

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  1. It might depend on which mouth you are using for smoking! lol

    But why not change back to the other brand?

    Better still, give up smoking.

    Because your breath, your hair and your clothes will smell of stale smoke, no matter how careful you are.

    I wouldn’t worry about your vagina, that’s not the first thing most people are going to smell!

    (Unless you lead a very interesting life!)

  2. yes it can cause it. but its more likley to be caused by bacteria. try a ducshe or one of those deoderizing inserts. i forget what they are called. i always call em pussy mints. i dunno. anyways good luck!!

  3. probably not.Like someone said it is bacteria.shave the pubic hair,wipe from front to rear take showers instead of baths to keep bacterias out and see a doctor if these do not help.

  4. No, cigarettes would smell like cigarettes, have you been having sex? it may be your partner

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