Does Boric Acid actually CURE BV?


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I’ve had BV for about 8 months now, rusty brown discharge, really bad sour odor. It’s been disheartening, especially since I got it when I was working as an exotic dancer and running low on funds, so before I could take care of it really bad rumors were spread about me throughout the workplace and to customers. Very embarrassing! I tried everything to cure it, and nothing worked until I got my hands on some boric acid at my local grocery and started douching everyday with the acid and hot water. I saw results immediately, and in about 5 days all odor and discharge was gone. This weekend I finally had sex again,we used a condom and I showered after. When I got home I douched again, and lo and behold there was the same rusty discharge in the bottle. I mixed boric acid and peroxide and the next day it was gone. Does this mean I need to wait longer to have sex, or just that the acid treatment has merely been maintaining the bv, not curing it? I want this infection gone!

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  1. The only way to truly cure BV is through antibiotics. Just go to your local health department and get checked and tell them you have it and they will give you the antibiotics. Also I think that it is disgusting and rude that your employer and coworkers were talking about you in this manner and it is also illegal because that is considered PHI.

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