does a vaginal bacterial infection go away by itself in time without treatment?


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2 Replies to “does a vaginal bacterial infection go away by itself in time without treatment?”

  1. No, you need to treat it or else it can just get worse and spread to become pelvic inflammatory disease and can leave you infertile.

  2. Yes it can, but…

    Bacterial infections are caused by imbalance in vaginal bacteria, by that same logic then the infection can go away by itself without treatment if the healthy balance of bacteria returns – the vagina is self-cleaning, not just flushing out harmful bacteria but also in keeping a pH level that can help protect it against infection. However…

    If you do have a bacterial infection it is always best to get it treated, if left untreated it may not go away by itself and the infection can become worse. The infection could also travel further up your vagina where it can develop into pelvic inflammatory disease, this can cause infertility.

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