Do vaginal suppositories against yeast infection kill sperm cells?

Do vaginal suppositories against yeast infection kill sperm cells?


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5 Responses to Do vaginal suppositories against yeast infection kill sperm cells?

  1. hmmm56 says:

    No, but talking about it kills an erection, therefore canceling out any worry about sperm cells in the first place.

  2. 2Dots says:

    NO! only spermicides do that. Read the label.

  3. dumplingmuffin says:

    the infection itself could do that

  4. nnclyn says:

    More than likely it will. Sperm needs a very specific PH level to survive in a woman's body. MOST lubricants and suppositories have a ph level that is too high for sperm. Of course this doesn't mean you still shouldn't be careful. You never know!

  5. Julie_Andrews says:

    Actually yes they do. As will any form of lubricant, even water. For sperm to survive in a woman's vagina, the woman needs to have cervical fluid that resembles eggwhite. That is when she is most fertile.

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