Do i have a vaginal infection?Or do i have Genital Herpes?


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my partner doesnt have any sort of stds and we've been having intercourse for more than 6 months and i haven't had any break outs…recently when i got off of my period the next day i had red open sores that were painful, no unusual odor, itching, burning but only if urine or tissue touchs…i havent been to the doctors yet but im scared and confused so do i have herpes or just some type of vaginal infection…

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  1. How do you know he doesnt have anything? Has he been tested? Are you his first and is he yours? There is alway a chance of catching something from previous partners and not know you have it for months or yrs later. Herpes can lay dormant in your system for a long time before something triggers it. Get yourself checked out with a doctor its the only way to know for sure. If the sores are still there they will do a swab test and if there not then they will do a blood test. Good Luck and I hope its not something bad.

  2. You have to go get it check.

    Herpes do appear when women have their periods because women are under a lot of stress and the boils and bumps of herpes would appear.

    Although, I'm not sure it could be something else.

    Is this your first time having these bumps?

    IGo get it check to be sure.

    Also remember safe sex!!

  3. First things first …. never take anybody's word for "what they don't have"….Herpes is often undetected…especially if a person hasn't had a "breakout"…Unless you see a bill of clean health straight from the doctor…I wouldn't risk it and even then….still use precaution…I'm no doctor of course but that sounds like genital Herpes…The doctor can determine that with a blood test…don't be afraid…but I would seriously go to the doctor and get checked out..

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