Do I have a vaginal infection? or is this normal after giving birth?


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I gave vaginal birth last thursday (july 24th) and I got stitches. I was totally okay, no pain when I went pee or anything, I was a little sore, but nothing major at all but since I’ve been home, and especially these last few days, my vagina, not the stitches, but my vagina has been getting more and more sore! When I sit and stand or anything it hurts…is it getting infected or is this normal after a vaginal birth? I’ve been taking care of it and when I shower I make sure I wash thoroughly, so why is it hurting so much more now then when I first gave birth?

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  1. You could have an infection, or a yeast infection – call your doctor and let them know that it’s a problem and ask their advice

  2. are you sure it not your stitches they can become tight,,, may pay you to see a doctor lov..

  3. have you noticed discharge or bleeding? it could be an infection, one or more of the stitches may have come undone and exposed the tear, or something else common after giving birth could be causing the pain, although its not always considered abnormal to have more pain later. if you do notice discharge, a strange odor or itchiness, it could be an infection. i would definitely call your ob/gyn and let her know. she will be able to gauge whether this specific situation sounds normal for you personally. good luck and congrats on the new bundle 🙂

  4. I've heard of a lot of women experiencing that after birth. My aunt had that and my friend who just had a baby. Some just are sensitive to all the stretching from birth that the soreness came after wards a few days later. Your body is probably trying to heal and is sore from that.It could be from the stitches and if it hurts to go to the bathroom, I would call your doctor to make sure there is not anything else wrong like an injury. You may have bruising in there too. If it gets to the point it's unbearable or hurts to pee, call your doctor. They may have you go back in to check to make sure you don't have anything else disturbed
    You may need to slow down a bit while you have the stitches with some rest. Your stitches may have come undone causing the pain. Call the doctor to find out if this is a normal thing or need to come in to get checked out!

    Congratulations on the new born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  5. What your experiencing is fairly normal. You could have a pulling stitch or you could be sitting too much. As you stated, take care of yourself as the nurses told you and if you start to run a fever, call your doctor immediately. Otherwise, you should feel pretty normal in about 2 weeks, except for being tired and stuff. Good luck and congratulations on the new baby!

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