Do big women (fat/obese) have a stronger/louder vaginal odor than non-obese women?


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6 Responses to Do big women (fat/obese) have a stronger/louder vaginal odor than non-obese women?

  1. Steen says:

    no. anyone's vaginal odor/taste depends on their diet and body chemistry.

  2. ghg g says:

    about it you can find information from the following website

  3. REEEE says:

    it really depends on diet
    like it you eat alot of protein it will smell worse….
    not really depending on weight unless they are so overweight they physically can't wash that area properly …which I hope is rare.

  4. Kendall Sylvan says:

    size doesn't make much difference as trimming/shaving/hygine, do. Diet makes a big difference too.

  5. cels giant pimpin beav says:

    I'm fat and my cooter doesn't smell at all.

  6. But Inside Im Screaming says:

    Louder odor?! Only if they don't bathe…..

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