discharge coming out of vagina when pregnant?

girl friend has discharge coming out of vagina its clear and she doesnt know what it means she is about 7 weeks pregnant what could this be please answer seriously and not say you dont know if you know then scram off


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8 Responses to discharge coming out of vagina when pregnant?

  1. ?Lottie? Bump due Dec 4th says:

    Cervical Mucus, its normal. She will get it when shes not pregnant, she just may not have noticed as it gets a lot more intense in pregnancy.

  2. Kate says:

    it’s normal to have extra discharge during pregnancy. my husband noticed this too and questioned me about it in the beginning. when i asked my doctor, he said it was completely normal. if it was red or brown in color, or had a strong unpleasant odor then to call him.

  3. CHAR L says:

    I am in the Medical Field and a Mother of 3

    Discharge is NORMAL during pregnancy.. She can even spot blood during pregnancy and it would be normal as long as it wasn’t a lot and there were no clots, pain or fever

  4. ME says:

    Very normal to experience discharge in pregnancy

    due to hormones

    why the thumbs down.. i have read about this

  5. Tammy says:

    Increased discharge is common in pregnancy. Early in prenancy she will have a lot b/c her progesterone level is higher and her body is forming her mucus plug to protect anything from getting to the baby. And later in pregnancy she will have more b/c her body is trying to keep bacteria cleaned out of her vagina and prevent infections. No big deal. Tell her not to worry.

  6. samantha says:

    its fairly common for pregnancy to bring on more moisture or discharge in a woman especially during the summer months. but if u r concerned about it call ur dr.

  7. mamaofatoddler says:

    During early pregnancy, there is an increased production of hormones, particularly estrogen, that can lead to vaginal discharge. In addition to the increased production of estrogen, there is increased flow of blood to the vaginal area during pregnancy. These factors can cause a variety of secretions, both from the cervix and from the vagina itself, that lead to vaginal discharge. Increased vaginal discharge is generally not anything to worry about. It is typically odorless or has just a mild smell, and will probably be somewhat milky.

    so there is nothing to worry about! (:

  8. Tina says:

    Pregnant women will have discharge and that is so normal.When she gets further along the more discharge she’ll have.No worries.

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