Dark brown discharge in my vagina?


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this is pretty embarassing but when my bf was fingering me, there was a lot of brown mucus with little chunks kinda discharge in my vagina.. and when i put my finger in there to see, it's still there stuck or something.. i mean it doesnt come out with pee or anything.. it's the other hole i guess.., and no i am pretty sure it wasn't blood or no smell either…this is the first time it's ever happened, i'm very worried and i have very irregular period as well, this time the last time i had my period was during christmas 08.. anyone expereinced this? :S
btw forgot to mention that when i still put my finger in there, the brown thing still comes out in my finger.. :S this is so weird..
So you think it's my earky signs of period? o.O

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  1. Sounds like the early spotting many women get the first day or two of their period. As it sounds like you're young, you may find that your periods are irregular, and that the bleeding may be light some months and heavier in others.

    It's not unusual for a period to start out brown in colour; the "chunks" are dead tissue from the lining of your uterus, and not unusual at all. As your flow gets heavier, you may notice these become red in colour, and may resemble little blood clots. Gross and a little graphic, but completely normal.

    Also, until there is adequate flow, it will seem almost "stuck" in there. The vagina is a tube, but kinda muscular, so things don't really "fall" out, if that makes any sense.

    I wouldn't worry.. sounds completely normal.

    That being said, if this is one of your early periods.. I hope that you and your boyfriend are practicing safe sex practices. 🙂

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