could tampons give you vaginal infection?


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One Response to could tampons give you vaginal infection?

  1. Bttrflai says:

    It depends. If you're using a tampon that's a heavier absorbency than required, it can cause you to get a little irritated and raw on the inside. Try downgrading your absorbency if you feel pain when removing the tampon.

    Also, this has happened to me…. I forgot that I had a tampon in once when I had first got my period and started using tampons for the first time. I used it at the very end of my period, so there wasn't a lot of bleeding anyway, and left it in for over 24 hours. This caused a yeast infection. So, it wasn't serious, but boy was it embarrassing and uncomfortable!

    I recommend changing your tampons at maximum every 6 hours. I know they say you can leave them in for up to 8 hours, but I say change them every 6. Also, if you have sensitivities to them, try alternating with pads. Tampons one day, pads the next. Or tampon, remove, pad, change, tampon, etc….

    Hope this helps!

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