Could removal of a cervical polyp lead to bacterial vaginosis or cervicitis?


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2 Responses to Could removal of a cervical polyp lead to bacterial vaginosis or cervicitis?

  1. MadisonCarlista says:

    Hey there! If you are going to go for having the cervical polyp surgically removed, it would be best to cleanse your body. Bacterial vaginosis or cervicitis will occur when there is toxicity in the body to support it. Sustain from sugars, sodas, and processed / fast foods as this feeds the cysts, also animal products.

    Taking a high quality anti-oxidant and a high quality omega and will help as well, but definitely work on cleansing your body. Question: How often are your bowels moving? Believe it or not, this has a lot to do with the polyps you are experiencing.

    Hope this helps.

    Madison Carlista

  2. melany says:

    No this is a remote possibility – to understand the causes and symptoms of this infection please visit

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