confussed… can sperm cause a vaginal infection?

my vagina itches extemely, it is red and a little bit swollen. Can you get some type of infection if after you have sex, there is still some remaining sperm in and on your vagina. because i had sex last night and this morning there was still some sperm left. Can that lead to an infection? Are you supposed to clean after you have sex. This has never happened to me before, and i am in alot of pain right now.


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13 Responses to confussed… can sperm cause a vaginal infection?

  1. sugarbdp1 says:

    It could be a number of things you could get anything off of a toliet in a bathroom & if your partner has a disease then yes you could have a STD.see Your OB-GYN ASAP.Good Luck

  2. DiGGiE says:

    no sperm can not infect you or an area that it touches…. but diseases can.. go get urself checked out by a clinic or doc… it could just be an irritation.. or it could very well be something else… go asap

  3. Me C says:

    Cleaning after sex is best. I would go to the doctor. Could be yeast infection or vaginitis. You can get it sexually. Are you not using a condom?

  4. Jackie says:

    Honey, It sounds like you have a yeast infection. One of the best ways to avoid this is to wash after sex however it does help if you pee after sex. Sounds strange I know, but I am prone to bladder infections and my Dr. told me to at least pee after sex. Help flush fluids away.
    Good luck with that … And do not have sex till you get it taken care of – as a yeast infection (should it be that ) can spread to men.

  5. WilljClinton says:

    sperm does not cause infection. Bacteria from penis during intercourse will. If you don't have sex often your body has to adjust to the addition of bacteria from outside sources. ie fingers, penis, act.

    Over the counter medication should help. If not consult a DR.

  6. Ms.Melissa says:

    Wow!! well one thing i can tell you is yes its best to clean up after sex. and as for your itching and swelling that sounds like a rash i would go see a GYN ASAP!! you want to know exactly what it is rather then sit around and not know..

  7. yna roa says:

    yes yeast infection or other std's god don't u know anything

  8. sanjee says:

    u r supposed to go to toilet n clean thoroughly after sex. u have infection which is easily curable, but go to a doc.

  9. PatsyAnn says:

    YES you should always clean yourself after having sex…but that aside, you could be very allergic to your guy's sperm…you didn't say if you are married or not, but practicing safe sex is always best whether married or not…there are all kinds of stds out there…so be very careful about your body…please take all precautions to stay healthy…

  10. lesley w says:

    all wash yourself are sex,,, that a matter of cleaness,,, you have a infection down there ,, get it check out ,,,,

  11. Angela T says:

    Yes, and it makes you funky to.

  12. spirit_evo says:

    sperm will not hurt u, although if there is any std's in ur partner u would have got it in the sperm.

  13. ?some?wanna?know? says:

    I seen on Talk Sex w/ Dr. Sue that some women are allergic to some men's semen.
    Allergic reaction is highly possible.

    "Some women who experience vaginal itching, burning and other symptoms after sex might be allergic to their partner's semen." = read more below

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