Clumps discharge from vagina?


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Okay, so this is kind of graphic, but it really freaked me out and I can’t find any possible explanation…So I was having unprotected sex on a regular basis about a month ago so I went to my OBGYN and got a pap smear and was prescribed some birth control pills…Well, you’re supposed to start the Sunday after your next period, but she told me to go ahead and start taking them since I had unprotected sex in the last week so I skipped my period when I was initially supposed to have it….Okay so after that I didn’t have sex at all because I know the pills take a while to start working…For the last month though I’ve been having terrible discharge completely soaking my underwear and it smells terrible…my initial thought was a yeast infection, but I’ve had a yeast infection before and it didn’t compare to the discharge and smell of whatever was going on with me this time…well today I started my period and I was using the bathroom/changing my tampon when I felt a huge clump of something come out of me…Normally I would have just assumed it was a blood clot or something, but this felt way too big to be any kind of blood clot so I take a look and there’s a white thing about the size of a quarter sitting in the bottom of the toilet. I immediately freaked out because I had no idea what is going on, but then I felt another one come out looking exactly the same way….My aunt is an RN and I made her look at the things and she said she had no idea…it’s not like the cottage cheese type discharge that normally comes along with a yeast infection….They look like huge blood clots, only white…I’m really clueless as to what is going on with my body. If anyone has any ideas, it would help a lot!

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  1. I don’t suppose you had your unprotected partner get tested for STDs, did you? There are lots of infections not caused by yeast, and they can range in reason from contagious partners to you know, just not so clean partners. Get yourself to a doctor. Your vagina is not something to just “wait and see” with! You need that thing!

  2. Because you have been have unprotected sex it may be signs of STDS.
    Just to be safe i would defiantly get tested.

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