Clear/White discharge coming out of my vagina !!!!?


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Everytime i go to the bathroom, this clear/white stuff comes out of my vagina. I have had it for about 1 year now. It is really starting to make me mad. Please tell me what it is and how to stop it if you can!!!! I am 14, have already had my period, started when i was 12. Please let me know what this is. It does not itch or burn, its not thick its really thin and gooey. it seems everytime i cough hard or sneez or laugh it comesout and i can feel it in my underware. WHAT IS IT!?! and should i be worried? I am not going ot the doctor

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  1. I dont know but me,I dont have my pereiod yet,but yellow stuff's coming out of my vagina!

  2. What you are experiencing is cervical mucus. It's very normal (and healthy) and every woman has it. The texture will change through out your cycle.

  3. Don't worry, you just have a very clean self there. I used to have strong discharge too. Mine eventually went away, but it took it awhile.

  4. A certain amount of this can be mucous which is normal. The amount of your discharge would suggest yeast infection, but you are not itching. I would still think about cleaning it all inside with a drug store kit, and do not overclean or do it too frequently, as it will disrupt Ph balance.

  5. it is a normal discharge that most girls get. all it is is a liquid that flows out of down there to keep it clean. dont worry.

  6. It's completely normal. This is your vagina's way of cleaning itself. No need to see a doctor.

  7. it is vaginal discharge and it is completely normal and there is nothing you can do about it but if it makes you feel uncomfortable than you can were pantilinersit will go away at menopause (when you are no longer able to have babies around 40 or 50)

  8. That is normal, this is the way the vagina cleans itself, from any bacteria. And it usually starts 1 or 2 yrs before period and you'll continue to have it until menopause. oh and you should only worry, if it has a fishy smell or heavier, or green yellow then its probably an infection. And if it looks like cottage cheese than its a yeast infection and every girls gets those.

  9. Dont worry Im 9 and Im going through it now and the sticky white stuff is coming out of my vigina to I asked my mom what is was and she bursted in tears and told me that it was my period and what your going through now is called discharge and your body is changing into a young woman

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