Clear white mucus like discharge at 37 wks keeps coming out of my vagina do that mean that my plug is about to?


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6 Responses to Clear white mucus like discharge at 37 wks keeps coming out of my vagina do that mean that my plug is about to?

  1. moo2_29 says:


  2. William says:

    … dude c’mon u should know.

    Its normal hygiene. Kid isnt affected neither are you.
    Tell if u got cramps. Just means ur kid is kicking placenta

    give me best answer pwease

  3. justclicktherubyslippers says:

    That sounds about right for your late term of pregnancy. If you have other symptoms you need to contact your doctor for a cervical check to see if you are getting dilated. Congrats and good luck

  4. goose says:

    no it means you have a rare std called hypoherpititis

  5. Jamora says:

    You need to get that check out

  6. Tony says:

    That is totally normal. My wife had the same thing happen at 37 wks. See a doctor if you feel scared.

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